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Your Own Future, Your Own Pace, Your Own Time
Swamped with work? As a 
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you may not have a CPE for CPA training institution near you? Unpredictable schedule? We have three words for you: Do your CPE for CPAs online! Yes, no one is taking any more excuses from CPAs who do not complete the required number of Continuing Professional Education for CPAs (CPE) units. With NASBA accredited CPA CPE, there’s no more reason for a non-CPE compliant CPA to be on the loose.
And in the professional world, there are only a few things more dangerous than a CPA who does not take his CPE seriously. Imagine CPA John Doe affixing his signature on your tax return when he is not familiar with the new tax laws. The next thing you know, the IRS is running after you. A CPA who disregards his CPE is like a stray bullet – dangerous.

Earn Your CPA CPE Credits, One Click at a Time

The National Association of States Board of Accountancy (NASBA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) define internet-based CPE for CPAs programs as “a learning activity through a group program or a self-study program that is designed to permit a participant to learn the given subject matter over the Internet.” A group program online CPE courses wherein you have access to an instructor or mentor while self-study CPA and CPE programs is wherein a participant earns his unit through independent learning methods under a contract with an online CPA CPE training provider.
Take note that in selecting online CPE courses, there’s more to them that meets the eye. Beyond the visual aids and interactive presentations, these programs should meet the standards set by NASBA for them to be credited against your CPE CPA required units. These are General Standards, Standards for Program Development, Standards for Program Presentation, Standards for Program Measurement and Standards for Reporting. These CPA CPE benchmarks have been modified on January 2012 so make sure the courses you will be taking are compliant.
CPE for CPAs, as the NASBA puts it, is part of a lifelong learning process. Yes, you heard it right. As long as you are a licensed accountant, you are obliged to fulfill the required CPE units. Dedicated accountants won’t mind as for sure, they realize the value of acquiring the best practices in the field and knowing the recent changes in legislation. Now, if the thought of taking CPE pains you, maybe it’s time for you to recalculate, as any good accountant would do when preparing their books, and ask yourself: how much do I really love this profession? See if everything all adds up.

The Diverse World of CPE for CPAs Online Courses: Take Your Pick!

Depending on your niche or specialization, you can enroll in a broad spectrum of online CPE programs which falls under the 18 NASBA “Fields of Study.” These are:

  1. Accounting

  2. Administrative Practices

  3. Auditing

  4. Behavioral Ethics

  5. Business Law

  6. Business Management and Organization

  7. Communications

  8. Computer Science

  9. Finance

  10. Management Advisory Services

  11. Marketing

  12. Mathematics

  13. Personal Development

  14. Personnel/Human Resources Management

  15. Production

  16. Social Environment

  17. Specialized Knowledge

  18. Statistics

Under each field of study are several courses and there’s a pre-determined number of hours set by NASBA that can be credited for each course. For example, a course bundle in Managerial Accounting was approved by NASBA to credit for 11.5 hours of your CPA CPE hours. Remember, you have to take at least 40 hours of CPE courses on an annual basis to meet the 120 hours required by most states for your license renewal every three years.
So, now the question is, should you focus on a few areas or should you spread yourself across all? The answer depends on the current status of your career. Are you already a known specialist in taxation and want to improve more? Then maybe you should focus on tax courses. Likewise, you may be an expert on a particular subject area and you want to add more specializations. At the end of the day, it depends on how you see yourself evolving as a CPA a couple of years down the road.

Free CPA CPE Credits, Anyone?

As an accountant, it is understandable that you want to gauge whether online programs are the right platforms for you to earn your CPE credits. So the answer is a conditional yes. Here’s an explanation. You can sign up for a free course (we just need your name and email – see the red TRY for FREE button on the right), but it’s already a pre-selected course for you. In short, you don’t get to choose which topic your free course would be. Not to worry. It is guaranteed that the free CPE CPA course you will take is relevant no matter how young or seasoned you are in the field. The free course is also of general interest so it cuts across all CPA specializations and niches.  
Don’t be confused: this is not a trial or a partial course. It’s a full length course on a subject area pre-approved by NASBA. Free CPE for CPA: can you think of a better offer? Surely, no matter how hard you crunch the numbers to calculate the risk of this free course, you’ll get the same results over and over: zero risk! No money thrown away, no time wasted and a ton of knowledge and valuable information gained. Further, this will help you decide whether internet-based CPE programs are the right learning venue for you.

How Do I Purchase an Online CPE for CPAs Course?

After trying out the free course and earning your CPE credits without spending a single penny, you are now certain that CPE online courses work and you want to enroll for a course, or better yet, take multiple courses. Here’s a step by step guide on how to purchase a CPE online course:

  1. Browse through the NASBA fields of study and check out the courses and course bundles offered for each. You can find out additional information about a course or a course bundle by clicking on “Learn More”
  2. Once you’ve decided on a course and you’re amenable to the price (notice how low our sale prices are?), click on “Add to Cart”
  3. You can “Continue Shopping” for other courses or proceed to “Check Out”
  4. Fill out the necessary form and choose a payment method. The following are the accepted credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. PayPal can also be used
  5. Wait for your free course to be emailed to you
If you’ve done any form of online shopping in Amazon, Ebay and other e-commerce sites, it’s the same process. Rest assured that date protection and security mechanisms are in place so your billing and payment details are safe.

The CPA and CPE in the Internet Era: How Do CPE Online Courses Work?

Once you registered, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your log-in credentials to our CPE and CPA learning portal where you will see the course/s you purchased. It is the weekend and you have an hour to spare in between going to the gym and doing your laundry? Then you can immediately begin your CPE training.
CPE online training modules are like the best professors you never had. They have limitless patience. You can go back to a chapter as many times as you want. They never judge you. You don’t get a condescending look when you get a checkpoint question wrong. They are available anytime.  You get to access the training courses 24/7. They are never boring. Even the most diligent accountant is guilty of falling asleep in class; that will never happen here.
Our CPA CPE courses also allow you to access printable versions of the modules so you can have a hardcopy with you and do some light reading during your day’s downtime. There are also presentation-ready format versions of the courses which you can share at your workplace. A well of resources is also within your fingertips including a glossary, follow on activities and supplemental reference materials.
After finishing each course, you can easily print your NASBA CPE certificate right there and then.

Quality, Value, Convenience: The Three-Pronged Benefits of Online CPE Courses

The advent of the Internet era has definitely changed the landscape of how people learn and this includes professionals such as CPAs. Now, the dissemination of groundbreaking industry knowledge and best practices are more convenient than ever.
Our CPE online courses offer three key benefits: quality, value and convenience. The people behind our CPE training programs bring with them decades of experience coupled with an extensive professional diversity. As such, we see CPAs not only as number experts, but as professionals with other capabilities. We are able to tie in the discipline of accountancy with other professional capacities which can give CPAs a unique competitive edge. Our modules are always compliant with the best and recent NASBA approved methods of instructions in its diverse fields of study to guarantee that CPAs who take our courses are always on the forefront of the profession.
In terms of value, just by browsing through our course offerings and seeing the prices slashed already gives you an idea of how much you’re getting versus what you’re paying for. Bolstered by a throng of peripheral features, you definitely get a bang for your buck. You’re an accountant, we cannot fool you on this.
Finally, the way our modules are developed and structured and the 24/7 accessibility offer an unparalleled convenience never seen in CPE CPA a decade ago. No more long lines, no more driving out to a seminar or class. Your pace, your time, your future.
Again, there’s no more acceptable excuse to not earn your CPE CPA credits. We have three words for you: Do it online! An additional three words: Learn with us!

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