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Accounting CPE
You can earn your CPA Continuing Professional Education AND enhance your skills, knowledge, and qualifications rapidly through our broad range of accounting continuing education courses.  Explore our library of hundreds of on-demand, proven quality, cost-effective online CPE courses.  You will find many targeted CPE and CPA courses in the business and skill areas of your choice.  

You will find that every one of our hundreds of CPE online training courses is NASBA approved for CPE for CPAs.  You can be assured of earning Online Continuing Education Credits for CPAs, as each course has been pre-approved by NASBA.  These CPE training courses are acceptable in moAccountingst states.  For more details about NASBA and the credentialing of CPE courses on this site, see our NASBA credentialing and certification page


TAKE A CPA CPE COURSE for free 24x7...and earn CPA continuing education credit.  This is a fully functional accounting continuing education course...not a trial.  In fact, you will earn two (2)  credit hours for Continuing Professional Education for CPAs! 

It's simple (DO IT NOW!) to sign up...and start your free NASBA-approved CPA Continuing Education course within seconds. 

The Learning Portal for CPA CPE
cpe for cpaYour personalized experience on our CPA Continuing Professional Education Learning Portal will enable you to quickly access your training in an organized fashion, take your training whenever you desire...24x7, and immediately print your NASBA CPE for CPA certificate upon completion of each and every CPE online course.  

The Course Catalog for Continuing Professional Education for CPAs
Our accounting CPE course lineup is "skill-oriented"...helping you to build skills and expertise in and around your current specialties...and includes hundreds of titles for CPE accounting credit in the following NASBA CPA "Fields of Study":

cpa Accounting
Administrative Practice
Behavioral Ethics
Business Law
Business Management & Organization
Computer Science
Management Advisory Services
Personal Development
Social Environment of Business
Specialized Knowledge & Applications

Each of these NASBA CPE "Fields of Study" has scores of CPE online courses that will support any skill improvement goal you have.  They can be purchased as individual or bundled for accounting continuing education.

How this CPE and CPA Continuing Professional Education Works
All of our CPE accountant training courses are delivered to you electronically, over the web.  Here's what happens in a nutshell once you purchase training:


  • Within 24 hours, you receive an email with a link and login instructions to our CPE and CPA Learning Portal
  • In your own personalized area, you can access the highly interactive online accounting CPE training that you ordered
  • You can also access 'SkillBriefs' (the course modules in printable format),
  • And you can use 'Job Aids' (snippets of course materials in presentation format for on-the-job use)
  • Resources such as Glossary, Follow-on Activities, and References are also provided
  • Access to a mentor is a click away if you ordered professional certification training 
  • You can print your NASBA CPE CPA certificate right from the CPE Accountant Learning Portal once you complete each course

CPE training is about more than just keeping up with current developments; it's also about building new skills!  Here are three core benefits of having CPA continuing professional education:

1. Broaden your knowledge and expertise.As any CPA would know, professional practice in this field does not end with just acquiring and maintaining your license. You have to be  updated with the constant changes and demands in the labor market and your professional field. Depending on the CPE online training approach and programs you choose, you can get training on various skills pertaining to technical and software applications, communications, ethics, marketing and management, etc. 

2. Gain an edge in the competitive labor market.There are many CPAs who are capable of doing core accounting tasks. A great way to differentiate yourself from other accounting professionals is by having a broader skill set. Your acquired online continuing education credits for CPAs will show employers and clients that you can provide value-added service such as project and portfolio management, Six Sigma, business analysis, customer and procurement management, etc.

Business objectives are never static, and CPE for CPA courses will train and equip you with the essential skills and knowledge you will need to continually meet and support these objectives. For example, the highly globalized market demands CPAs to be adept at international business relations, and complex, cross-border accounting transactions. CPA continuing education courses will train you on such specializations and industry-specific practice.

3. Have better career mobility and greater earning potential.Continuing professional education for CPAs is also highly beneficial to professionals who aspire to move on to managerial or supervisory positions within firms and private corporations. There are CPE courses that focus on planning and management, as well as understanding organizational structures for better team and employee management. The broader your skill set and specializations, the more value you will have in the labor market -- resulting to higher compensation and greater access to unlimited professional opportunities.

All in all, having rounded and extensive CPE for CPA training will harness your overall professional potential by giving you in-depth skills not just to perform tasks, but to meet business objectives and exceed client and employer expectations.


You are an expert...and this online CPA continuing education training will help you to broaden and deepen your skills as you earn your CPE accountant credits...and become a more well-rounded, business advisor.  Take the next step and try this highly effective training now!

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